Friday, October 8, 2010

Cherkasky offers

My name is Alexander Cherkasky, I am award-winning and media-highlighted inventor and biologist.

I offer :

1. Partnership for commercialization of my filed and patented inventions, which include new medicines, diagnostics, materials, and fast sequencing systems.
2. Licenses based on my intellectual property including US patent applications and German patents.
3. Joint venture based primarily on my consulting and already published selected intellectual property.
4. Consulting for solutions of scientific and technological biomedical and biotechnological problems and improvement and creation of intellectual property portfolios.
5. Consulting for clarification of priorities and inventorships.
6. Evaluation of intellectual property.

Certain of my inventions were confirmed by others for example:

1. Potential medicines (medicine candidates) to treat cancer. These medicines are fusion proteins comprising cell-or cancer-specific antibody-fragments, ligands or binding regions and regions which inhibit cancer cell growth directly in target cancer cells. Although I have priority based on my prior patents and patent applications (DE19925052 (filed June 1, 1999), patents DE10161738 (filed December 15, 2001) and DE10161899 (filed December 17, 2001), please see links below:

these inventions were experimentally confirmed by

a. Anke Kretz-Rommel et al in WO2007048022 (filed October 21, 2005). Please see link below:

b. Maithal Kapil et al for example in US20100184651 (filed November 18, 2005)

2. My invention of novel fusion proteins comprising antibody-binding regions is useful both for therapy and diagnosis and was disclosed in my US20080200652 (with priority of June, 2005) and was confirmed by Randall Mrsny in his later US7666991 (filed December, 2005). Please see links:

Please find the partial list of certain other confirmations on my blog:

If you are interested, please contact me preferably via email:

Alexander Cherkasky, MSc
Award-winning and media highlighted inventor and biologist